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Hurhurhur it's been awhile Dalmatian DMTN (have to change all those tags to DMTN now)! Good to have you boys (and SIMON! ♥) back in my radar. I quite like this song.....okay I love this song. Been replaying it over and over since it came out yesterday. I think this is their best song yet. It's a continuation of their image change in ER from their whole bow wow wow era and I don't mind it at all.

I guess the MV does follow the lyrics a little since it's the whole "I'm behind your back/I WILL PROTECT YOU" kinda thing. But awww poor Youngwon Donglim (I know it's good that he's using his birth name now but STOP CHANGING ALL THE NAMES 2WORKS ENTERTAINMENT!) getting beaten up but thugs. The MV's okay....just a tiny complain though. Where are the rest of the members? I barely caught a glimpse of them (SO LITTLE SIMON EYECANDY )':)!

I can't decide whether I like the dance or not. I like some parts.....but I don't like some parts...Idk need to watch more performances (or they couldddd upload a dance practice vid! :D) Special mention to Daniel for going on with the comeback even with that busted ligament of his!



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