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Yo. It's been....months. Anyone still out there?

We really did neglect this blog eh? Sorry about that. Truth is, we kinda got...out of touch with Kpop. I was more into Korean indie during our...hiatus (?) but I just didn't have time to blog about them with A2 and university stuff to sort out those few months. BUT! I recently started listening to my Kpop stuff again and it just brought back so many good memories (': I kinda caught up with the more recent stuff since then and you might hear more stuff from us possibly (can't gurantee with my course unfortunately)!

ps. The time has come. More idols are currently younger than us. SO WEIRD. Half of Got7's members are younger than us. Also JYP seems to like his Chinese Thai recruits. ALSO WHAT KIND OF NAME IS BAMBAM?!

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